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RSS and Libraries


vyasamoorthy said...

Extremely useful
Happy to see tat Delhi Public Library offers RSS feed.
This is an excellent tutorial.
Kudos to you for painstaking presentation. By sharing this with others you are spreading knowledge.

Dr. Badan Barman said...

I am visiting your blog for the fourth time. Thanks from all of my professionals colleagues to you for this wounder full presentation (frankly speaking its actually not for me). But, most of our colleagues still not coming up to take the benefit of RSS, i don't know where is the problem. It will definitely helps them to be aware of RSS.

I just want to give one suggestion to you (If you don't mind). You have displayed AdSense advertisement over the blog. Definitely it will irritate the reader. Further i am very much sure Google will not pay a small publisher like you and me. (I have experienced in this regard, When in four months my Add Revenue grows to $179, my account was disable stating, actually what happened Google has a very bad policy in this regard, it will firstly welcome you to open your AdSense account, but it will done review of your account only after your total earning will rose to more than $100 and you will be ready to received pay, then only it will determine whether it will goes with you or not).