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Open Access and Ranganathan's Laws of Library Science

About a week back I was seeking comments on Open Knowledge Society from subscribers of few library and information email groups. I expressed my personal view that Open Access is merely an extension of philosophy behind. Ranganathan's First Law of Library Science - Books Are For Use. I got few responses. I would to like share one response from Miss Charu Mathur. She is a School Librarian in Delhi and blog at VIRTUAL WORLD and LIBRARY WORLD. She feels that Open Access is not just extension of First Law but can applied to all Five Laws of Ranganathan."..The demand of second law, to get every reader his/her book can be fulfilled by only open access. Internet has opened the new door and information explosion already has taken place. In that situation only Open Access is the way by which any reader/user can have the required piece of information at the right time. Same is the case with third law which urges that every book/information has its reader/user. In absence of open access it is just like the situation where books were used to be kept in locked and chained wooden shelves. In As the demand of fourth law, only freely available information can save the time of reader/user, otherwise the process of opening the door of closed access is too cumbersome and time consuming and this is sheer violation of this law. In fifth law, Ranganathan suggest that Library is the growing organism, so as information. Peter Suber initiative is the best answer of this golden rule.." (Charu).

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