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Yet another URL Shortening Service

Came across yet another URL Shortening Service - - Really Tiny Links. It also provides "Bookmarklet" link to shortened the URL of the current page in your browser. For this, you can also download an extension for your Firefox. It promises to come with a facility to manage your shortened links.

Snipr still remains my favorite service for shortening long URLs. It let you to select your own suffix text (if available) and title to the URL being shortened.


Anonymous said...

How about shorting multiple URLs?

Sukhdev Singh said...

I have come across following multiple URL Shortening services:

(Thanks Mayank_kp)

Anonymous said...

I like Thank you for posting shorting service for multiple URLs

Anonymous said... is short and bulited with some nice features.

Anonymous said...

Why do so many people create the same thing again and again?