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Horror of closed-access publishing

Left the following comment on ‘The horror of closed-access publishing’ according to Jonathan Eisen « Pimm - Partial immortalization

The question here is different -

- Who is producer of the first hand information? - Scientists / researchers.

- What does the scientists / researchers gets after giving away
their research results? - No immediate monetary benefits from the
journal (Never from the Journal).

- Who does the quality control? - Fellow scientists and researchers acting as peer reviewers.

- What do the peer-reviewers get? Nothing, Not even their names are revealed.

- Who are the editorial board members? Eminent scientists and
researchers. Will get the tag of being on editorial boards or perhaps
annual subscription to the journal.

- Who are the publishers? Not scientists / researchers. Have marketing and distribution skills. Reap all the profits.

- Who are the readers? Scientists / researchers. Will Consume
expensive public resources to do research and produce papers to give
away free to publishers.

This model was necessary before internet era. Publishers had control
on distribution channels in the academic publishing and book trade.

we still need this? Or Open Access is the answer?

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