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Share all your links with a LINK - Bunch them with LinkBun.Ch

Well this is interesting, innovative and from India. If you want to share a list of links, LinkBunch - is for you. It is yet in Beta (like most) but works well. I have been using a link shortening tool - Snipr to for referring to sites with long URLs in my emails. You know problem with long URLs, some email clients would break them into two lines and thus render them ineffective for clicking over. There might also be situation where we might like to share a set of links through emails or chat sessions - this could be of help. However I would like this tool to allow me to edit my set of links latter on and show me all my sets. Well Snipr does that. Hope that is soon coming up as indicated -
As of now, there isn't a way to edit bunches, but I'm working on a user account based system that will let you easily manage all your created bunches, favorite bunches, friend's bunches etc.

Another concern (though can understand this) - advertisements on the page created for the set of links.


Aalaap said...

Yep, you will soon be able to edit newly created links when the user account system goes live.

And guess what? You will be able to use your Blogger blog name as an OpenID, so you won't need to sign up for a new account on LinkBunch! :)

- Aalaap Ghag

Anonymous said...

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