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Indian Bloggers - Active Lot

Indians are not just dominating global software industry. They are active on the blogosphere as well. They don't just blog, they network themselves as well. Just have a look at IndiBlogger. It is serves as a directory of Indian Bloggers and a platform for networking among them. They also meet in real world. At state level as well they do have groups - for example take the case of Delhi Bloggers Group. They are ready to form a registered society called - The Delhi Blog & New Media Society. Here also they network and meet together (Flickr: Delhi Blog & New Media Society). A new search engine cum directory - India Blogs- has been lunched. It is based on Google Custom Search and claims to cover India's top and most read blogs. Yet another tool is available to be in touch with Indian Blogs - BlogsJam It is an aggregating service brings best blogs at one place. There are other bloggers too but perhaps not listed in such general directories. Some Librarians and Information Science professionals blog too. They are listed at Librarians Library along with other content.

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