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ibibo, How much time you would take to upload my Photos from Flickr?

I went for a try of much advertised ibibo - a new social network from India. It is supposed to provide a facility for uploading of Flickr photos. However it is not working for me. I have done what all is required to grant permissions from my Flickr account. Still after two tries in last one week, the same information is being displayed.

.."Your import is still in progress. Once this upload gets completed, you will be informed by mail. You can then upload photos from your other flickr accounts too"..

Update: 18 Feb 2008: Now my ibibo account shows 200 Photographs (My Flickr account has few more). However I am yet to receive any email from ibibo. Also the above message is still there.

Update: 20 Feb 2008: So finally I have been informed through email that my photos have been imported from Flickr.

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