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Hopes and Fears of Web 2.0 in Research and Education

Hopes and Fears of Web 2.0 in Research and Education:

Web 2.0 has great potential to influence how research would be conducted in future. The same is true for education and learning.

However there are concerns how these developments would impact the information professionals:

The question for information professionals working across all types of sectors and organisations is what will the impact be on them and their work is learning 2.0 in all its proliferations does turn out to be something more than marketing hype.

Technologies used for Web 2.0 also have some security related issues:
The very technologies that make Web 2.0 a reality (AJAX, in large part) seem to be considerably vulnerable to security breaches that can lead to data loss, theft and other malicious activities.

Anyway, the future would see Web 2.0 influencing all aspects related to information domain - its creation, quality control, dissemination, adding new knowledge and its applications. Information professionals be better prepared for the future.

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