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Tips for conference bloggers - As I understood.

Bruno Giussani - - and Ethan Zuckerman - - has written a document on basic tips on blogging conferences. The document "Tips for conference bloggers" is available in two formats - 6 pages (PDF 485 KB) 3 pages booklet format (PDF 370 KB).

This document is out of their experience of blogging conferences. I am trying to sum up these tips the way I understood.

Start with a fully charged laptop battery and locate yourself where you do not distract other participants. Have name of each speaker with talk title ready from programme schedule.

Extract a mini-biography of speaker from introduction and net along with links to his / her work and affiliated institution. It would be better if you can provide links to speaker’s personal homepage, relevant section of organizational homepage, blog, relevant books and articles written by the speaker and videos if any used by the speaker. For key speakers have a photo (pre-formatted for web) ready.

If you are writing directly online on blogging platform then save your post as draft frequently. If you are using a text editing software ensure that you have proper links later on the blogging interface. Give in mind that you are capturing a commented summary of the talk and normally 20 lines should be enough for a 20 minutes talk. In case your are quoting the speaker – ensure that you do it correctly. You will have to use narratives to compensate for the lack of context for people not present at the venue. Tag the post with standard conference tag and name of the speaker along with other tags. Try to publish your post with 10 minutes of the speech otherwise you may not able to enjoy the conference itself. Mistakes (except for typos) in published posts should be acknowledged and corrected by "strike-through". Collaborate with other bloggers by dividing up the speeches or perspectives and cross-link each other. You can always elaborate your posts latter on by giving links to original ones.

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