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Role of Librarians in Bioinformatics

Here is an article which urges Librarians to take interest in Bioinformatics. This is an area where Librarians has a big role to play.

"See a Need, Fill a Need"
.."A recent study indicates a lack of training opportunities for bioinformatics researchers at U.S. universities. Messersmith et al. (2006) reviewed 239 U.S. university web sites to assess the availability of bioinformatics workshops. Their study focused on training sessions developed and delivered by personnel from campus bioinformatics centers, librarians, or other campus units. Of the 239 universities, 121 universities had medical schools. This study found that only 72 (30%) universities offered introductory and/or advanced workshops. Fifteen of those were provided by libraries; 13 out of the 15 were institutions with a medical school. With regard to the number of institutions in which libraries provided workshops, it should be noted that this number (15) excludes workshops (e.g. "NCBI Field Guide") that may have been hosted by the library. This is a notable fact, knowing that many librarians first efforts to provide bioinformatics training is often through making arrangements to host the "NCBI Field Guide"..

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