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Medical Informatics, Music and Masti

Hello, I am back from KOCHI. I was there for participating in IAMI 2007 conference. It was a Biennial Conference of Indian Association for Medical Informatics held at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences from 16th to 17th November 2007, Kochi.

This conference had one rather unusual session called "Debosium". There were two teams of four each in this session. The teams were given topics at random. They were supposed to prepare the same in Five Minutes and were to speak FOR or AGAINST it as required by the topic. The persons from audience were picked at random to give their views on the topic and the presentations.

Yet another surprise was in store at Banquet. The Medical Informaticians turned out to be Musicians too. It started with President and Vice-President of IAMI.

Towards the end of the conference, I went to see the local beauty of Kochi. finally I took a boat ride. I took some photos of the 'Marine Drive' and Shipyard from the boat.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Sukhdev,
Nice information and photographs.
Best Wishes,
Dr R P Pareek, BITS-Pilani