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Student activism: How students use the scholarly communication system

..If librarians offer workshops on getting published or on copyright, they should not miss the opportunity to emphasize the benefits of open access to the author. Early research suggests that student authors are particularly motivated by the accessibility and impact of their work.2 Discussing the dynamics, legal aspects, and market forces of scholarly communication will help students to make informed choices about sharing their research..

Health Care Initiative for US Patients

Personalized Health Care
Personalized Health Care Initiative will improve the safety, quality and effectiveness of healthcare for every patient in the US.


Lexonomy | A Taxonomy Primer
Taxonomies…thesauri…classification systems…synonym rings. We’ve heard all of these terms in the context of the Web. As Web sites expand, the task of organizing them has become increasingly problematic and complex.

Open Courses in Medical Informatics

Department of Health Administration and Policy
(George Mason University) has Open Online Courses Focussed on Health Informatics and Electronic Helth Records.The syllabus and the content of all lectures are available on the web without password protection.
  1. Online courses focused on patient safety and quality improvement

  2. Online courses focused on statistics & data analysis

  3. Online courses focused on informatics and electronic health records



BioMed Central | Abstract | 1471-2105-8-456 | The Firegoose: two-way integration of diverse data from different bioinformatics web resources with desktop applications
Firegoose incorporates Mozilla Firefox into the Gaggle environment and enables interactive sharing of data between diverse web resources and desktop software tools without maintaining local copies.

Biomedical Informatics

VUMC Department of Biomedical Informatics (FAQ)
Biomedical Informatics is the interdisciplinary science that deals with biomedical information, its structure, acquisition and use. "Biomedical" is used here in its broadest sense, to include research, education, and service in health-related basic sciences, clinical disciplines, and health care administration.


Jumpcut - Be good to your video
Jumpcut is a place to make movies and interact with people.

Step-by-Step Usability Guide

Six Steps to Help Your Home Page Grow Up


BioMed Central YouTube channel

BioMed Central blog : BioMed Central YouTube channel debuts

BioMed Central has strated a Channel on YouTube. Authors and editors can upload suitable videos to YouTube and then inform BioMed Central.


Sabeer Bhatia launched Live Documents

Bangalore-based InstaColl, co-founded by Sabeer Bhatia, Sumanth Raghavendra and Kaushal Cavale, today launched an application called Live Documents, which is a hybrid online-offline office suite of applications with features similar to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

With Live Documents one can:
- Access your documents on the web or on the desktop

- View and edit your documents from anywhere at any time in your browser in a rich user interface that provides the functionality and responsiveness that you expect in your familiar desktop applications.

- Use your existing desktop Office application (Microsoft Office currently and shortly Open Office) as a smart client that permits offline access to your document

- the next time you go online, Live Documents automatically synchronizes all changes to ensure that there is a single version of the truth.


CAVEman Project

Sun Center of Excellence for Visual Genomics - CAVEman: 4D Mapping of Genomic and Medical Information
CAVEman Project aims to create visual maps of information about diseases that have a genetic component, such as cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. Using an immersive virtual reality environment called the CAVE, the research team will integrate a high-resolution digital atlas of a human body with medical data related to specific diseases. The final result will be a next-generation 4D (space and time) visual system to "see" disease processes and the effects of interventions, such as drugs, on these processes.

Showing Google Scholar Citation in PubMed

PubMed Citations –
A script takes each result in a PubMed search and then queries Google Scholar to get the number of times it has been cited. Then it places a link with this info next to each search result, linking to the citations in Google Scholar.


Harvey-Semester - JournalBot
JournalBot screens several medical journals for the latest articles on certain topics and displays the results as an RSS newsfeed


Become a Medical Librarian

Medical Library Association | Careers: Medical Librarianship : Join the Healthcare Team
MLA's 11 minute video, "Join the Health Care Team: Become a Medical Librarian," explores the roles and environment of today's health information professionals.

Free Short URL Redirection

Authors and Their Rights

Association of Research Libraries :: Authors and Their Rights
U.S. Copyright law gives the author of an original work, such as a scholarly article, the exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, adapt, publicly perform, and publicly display the copyrighted work. Copyright protection is now automatic. The author obtains these exclusive rights at the moment the copyrighted work has been “fixed in a tangible medium,” such as when a written work has been saved on a computer's hard drive or printed.


WiserWiki is a wiki that will allow accredited physicians to comment, collaborate and update medical information online and is viewable by everyone. The site was originally seeded with content from John Noble’s “Textbook of Primary Care Medicine” (3rd Edition).

Cutter Program

Dewey Cutter Program [OCLC - Support]
The Dewey Cutter Program is a software program that automatically provides cutter numbers from the OCLC Four-Figure Cutter Tables (Cutter Four-Figure Table and Cutter-Sanborn Four-Figure Table) upon input of text.



Medical Informatics, Music and Masti

Hello, I am back from KOCHI. I was there for participating in IAMI 2007 conference. It was a Biennial Conference of Indian Association for Medical Informatics held at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences from 16th to 17th November 2007, Kochi.

This conference had one rather unusual session called "Debosium". There were two teams of four each in this session. The teams were given topics at random. They were supposed to prepare the same in Five Minutes and were to speak FOR or AGAINST it as required by the topic. The persons from audience were picked at random to give their views on the topic and the presentations.

Yet another surprise was in store at Banquet. The Medical Informaticians turned out to be Musicians too. It started with President and Vice-President of IAMI.

Towards the end of the conference, I went to see the local beauty of Kochi. finally I took a boat ride. I took some photos of the 'Marine Drive' and Shipyard from the boat.


Bentham OPEN

Bentham Science Publishers Ltd. Home Page
Bentham Publishers are launching more than 200 peer-reviewed open access journals during this year, under the banner of "Bentham OPEN".