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Me, My Phone and Internet

When, I am not in Office, I use my Mobile Phone to Access Internet.

However, I do not use expensive solutions like Black Berry.

What I use is a Sony Ericsson, k750i to access Internet. One can even use a low-end phone like NOKIA 6030 or any other phone having a GPRS facility (About Rs. 3K). I use Pre-Paid SIM (TRUMP) from MTNL (Delhi), Which gives best value for money. For GPRS facility there is no rental for TRUMP. It only charges 2 (Two) Paise per KB of download. With this I can:

1. Read my Gmails (Other mails should also not be a problems

2. Reply to email in that is urgent.

3. Moderate a number of Yahoo Groups

4. Track by logging in.

5. Do Google search at times.

6. Login in Orkut (A social networking plateform).

7. Can use Google Talk and other (IM) accounts using a JAVA application

8. Can also use an Innovative Email Client (

9. Do a WIKIPEDIA Search.

10. I forgot to mention that I use OperaMini ( as my browser.

11. In fact one can visit any normal site with GPRS. However there is some problems with AJAX enabled sites.

Only problem is the tedious typing that one has to do on the normal phone keypad. PDAs / Phones with QWERY keyboards (Touch Screen like O2 or Blackberry type) can make typing more easy. Anyway, just keeping in touch with emails and Just-in-Time searching can also be done. But then for Serious Typing - Cyber Cafes are always around. After all My requirements are not that of a Businessman!!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am sangeet Jaiswal, I use sony ericsson w810i set, and trump prepaid, I have got GPRS activated, but i cannot get the settings if you can send me the settings at

Sukhdev Singh said...

You need to call 1503 from your phone and ask for settings. I have got these at number of times without any problem. You can also set these yourself manually. For Delhi settings are available at the following link:

Name of Service: mtnl_wap
APN: gprsmtnldel
IP Address:
Port Number: 9201
Username: mtnl
Password: mtnl123

Anonymous said...

I have got gprs activated and the settings enabled, but other programs on my phone like GMAIL mobile application or opera mini browser are not accesible to internet as they were accessible when i had airtel mobile office on my phone...please help..