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Is Everything available for free on the Internet?


oadl - Wiki Now has a rough structure of the "GUIDE TO DEVELOP OPENLY ACCESSIBLE DIGITAL LIBRARIES". Any suggestions?


Collaborative Editor

Collaborative editor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A collaborative editor is a software application that allows several people to edit a computer file using different computers. There are two types of collaborative editors, real-time and non-real-time. Real-time collaborative editors allow users to edit the same file at anytime, including editing at the same time. Non-real-time collaborative editors do not allow editing of the same file at the same time. Non-real-time collaborative editors are similar to revision control system.

There Are No Dumb Questions

Creating Passionate Users: How to Build a User Community, Part 1

Encouraging a "There Are No Dumb Questions" culture is only part of the solution. What we really need is a "There are No Dumb Answers" policy.

Firefox at the Reference Desk


Online Publishers' Trap

Top mistakes made by new online publishers - Don't fall into the traps that have left too many other journalists muttering that 'no one can make money online.'

Open Archives Initiative - OAI-PMH

EBM Librarian Wiki

EBM Librarian is a wiki is to develop a community of librarians who are involved in teaching and supporting the practice of evidence based medicine (ebm) or evidence based practice (ebp).


Open Access and Digital Libraries

"I am back from an International Conference on Digital Libraries, 5-8 Dec. 2006. It was organised by TERI at New Delhi (ICDL 2006).

In one of the session there was comment that nothing is being done for "Open Access" movement in India. I feel this is incorrect. Lot of things are being done but by very few people. Yes, now we need to involve more and more people in this movement — LIS professional as
well as educators, researchers and policy makers.

A first step, I can think of is forming a discussion group. I know there are other groups as well — but these are mostly oriented towards LIS professionals. We never know what our target users feel about issues that may dear to us.

So a Group called "Open Access and Digital Libraries" has been created. If you are interested in Open Access, you are welcomed to join it.

The forum aims to promote and adopt Open Access principles for developing Digital Libraries which can be accessed by anyone. No intranets and no Login / Passwords — Simply Open Accessible."


Openserving - Free Content For All

You can set up your own collaborative blogging site.