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New Compendium of Knowledge

Toward a New Compendium of Knowledge is an  interesting article. Is this the future of Knowledge?

Larry Sanger makes his argument in four parts:

1. Thinkers of the world, start imagining.
..Tens of millions of intellectuals can work together, if they so choose...
..In the next year, by the end of 2007, every major university, library, museum, archive, professional organization, government, and corporation will be asking themselves with increasing urgency: how, using what systems and methods, can we pool the entire world's intellectual resources to create the ideal information resource?..

2. Wikipedia.

..Wikipedia, started only five years ago, now has millions of articles in over one hundred languages, and has nearly singlehandedly introduced the world's intellectuals to the possibilities of enormous collaborative efforts.  It is a project that shouldn't work, but does--who could have expected such a radically open project to produce anything of value?  But, by giving intellectuals the world over an open platform on which to work together, a clear task, and a simple interface, Wikipedia has shown a global audience what enormous, distributed knowledge collaboration can achieve.  The work of the Wikipedians has astounded the world..

3. A new community and a new project: the Citizendium.

4. The way forward.

Here he describes his project - The Citizendium Project.

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