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The Recordist - Free Sound Effects
The Recordist presents a collection of free sound effects in MP3 format

Library Photocopying

Stanford Copyright & Fair Use - Library Photocopying
The Copyright Act at 17 USC S 108 provides a set of rules regarding library reproductions. In general, a library or archive open to the public (or whose collection is available to specialized researchers other than those affiliated with the institution) will not be liable for copyright infringement based upon a library patron's unsupervised use of reproducing equipment located on its premises, provided that the copying equipment displays a notice that the making of a copy may be subject to the copyright law.


Wikicat is the bibliographic catalog used by the Wikicite and WikiTextrose projects. It will be implemented as a Wikidata dataset using a datamodel design based upon IFLA's Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR)

Indian COPYRIGHT ACT, 1957




Free Image and Video Hosting - Photo Image Hosting Site :
Photobucket provides free video and photo sharing. Easily host and link your images and videos to social networks, auction sites, blogs, and message boards.


Health Sciences Librarianship - Resources

UBC Library: Health Sciences Librarianship
Links to journals and monographs, associations, discussion groups and websites in health sciences librarianship


Working with Remix Culture: A Fad or the Future

The reuse or "remix" of digital content is one of the hottest topics in web development today. Not a day passes in which there is not some new "mashup" or novel combination of data or services. Although many of these developments are faddishly entertaining, the potential for transformative development for teaching and learning is profound. (Is it too much of a vulgarization to argue that scholarship itself is a form of remix?) This session will provide an introduction to remix culture using two primary examples: 1) mixing Flickr and Google Maps and 2) mixing art imagery and data via the Scholar's Box, a tool that gives users gather/create/share functionality, enabling them to gather resources from multiple digital repositories in order to create personal and themed collections and other reusable materials that can be shared with others for teaching and research. Consider the longer term implications of remix for education and research and hear about a strategy for constructively engaging with remix culture: how we can educate the next generation of librarians to understand remixing and how we might make library content and services reusable to facilitate new educational and scholarly uses.

Night of the living dead librarian

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (2006) have predict that in year 2021 jobs like librarians don't will be there any more. This small movie is a satire about how two librarians in year 2021 got their revenge over the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies with help from a Super Blogger Girl.

Librarians and Google

Librarians Google to help students and patrons find information.

Google at ALA 2006

Google participated in American Library Association's annual conference, 2006, in New Orleans. Check out some of the Movies at this URL and Google Videos.

Search 2.0 vs Traditional Search

Read/WriteWeb: Search 2.0 vs Traditional Search

Search 2.0 = user preferences, collaboration, collective intelligence, a rich user

-Pattern recognition and Adaptive filtering
-Community-driven Search
-Result Clustering
Collaborative Search

Blogging Libraries

Welcome to the Blogging Libraries Wiki - Blogging Libraries

Are we an endangered species?

Re:Generations: Are we an endangered species?

Personal and professional competencies

Info*Nation: Skills for Success
.."personal and professional competencies, are essential for library workers of the future. Do you have what it takes?"..


iPath 2
iPath is a collaborative platform for exchange of medical knowledge, distance consultations, group discussions and distance teaching in medicine.


work-only Firefox profile

The work-only Firefox profile - Lifehacker

Google challenge Internet pioneer

Google exec challenges Berners-Lee | CNET
A Google executive challenged Internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee on his ideas for a Semantic Web during a conference in Boston on artificial intelligence.

Skills for the 21st Century Librarian

Information Wants To Be Free » Blog Archive » Skills for the 21st Century Librarian

NLM Technical Bulletin - NLM Online Update 2006

NLM Technical Bulletin, Jul–Aug 2006, MLA 2006: Meeting Remarks
..Remarks made by David Gillikin, Head, MEDLARS Management Section, National Library of Medicine at the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association in Phoenix, AZ on May 22, 2006..

Teaching Social Software with Social Software

Innovate - Teaching Social Software with Social Software
Ulises Mejias examines how social software—information and communications technologies that facilitate the collaboration and exchange of ideas—enables students to participate in distributed research, an approach to learning in which knowledge is collectively constructed and shared.

MP3 files from web to player

How to easily get mp3 files from the web to your mp3 player - TechLifeBlogged
.."all you have to do is save the link to the mp3 file in your account and it will transfer to your mp3 player the next time you sync it to your computer"..

Portal to free access journals on the Internet

LivRe - Free access journals

Why Librarians Make Good Wikipedia Contributors

Library Juice » Wikipedia and Why Librarians Make Good Wikipedia Contributors
..standards for writing a Wikipedia article are similar to a reference librarian’s approach to answering a reference question..



Free Downloads of Health Related Books

Hesperian Foundation has made following books for free download:

Where There Is No Doctor
Where Women Have No Doctor
A Book for Midwives
HIV Health and Your Community
Helping Children Who Are Deaf
A factory worker's guide to organizing for safe jobs and healthy communities
A community guide to environmental health
Women's Health Exchange


OpenClinica is a web-based software platform for managing multi-site clinical research studies. It facilitates protocol configuration, design of Case Report Forms (CRFs), electronic data capture, retrieval, and management. OpenClinica supports HIPAA guidelines, and is designed as a standards-based extensible, modular and open source platform.


Things you can do with RSS

Basically, you can perform any task with RSS that requires search or information retrieval from a server. Automatically and repeatedly. I use this list to convince people to start using an RSS feed reader. There’s more to RSS than just weblog syndication and news aggregation.

OA to Ranganathan

Library Stories: Libraries & Librarians in the News: OA to Ranganathan


Tagging | TechEssence.Info
Tagging refers to the process by which users assign terms meaningful to them to a resource in the online environment. The rise of social bookmarking Web sites have skyrocketed tagging systems into the mainstream.

Firefox Surges to 16% Market Share in U.S.

TechCrunch » Blog Archive » Firefox Surges to 16% Market Share in U.S.

Open-Source Software for Libraries

Creative Librarian » Library OSS

Use the 2.0 tools

Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology: Ten Rules for the New Librarians
..Use the 2.0 tools, not because it's cool, or any number of speakers/bloggers/librarian-geeks tell you to, but do it as one way to harness the collective intelligence of our profession..
Library Dominoes

What else can be done with books.

Digital Natives

2020 Vision - Idaho Library Futures Conference - Idaho State Library
Digital Natives are those individuals 24 years old and younger who have grown up with computers and the Internet since infancy. They have been characterized in the media as being very low users of library services.


Books are for use

DLIST - The Five Laws of Library Science
The First Law from S.R. Ranganathan's The Five Laws of Library Science, Madras Library Association, 1931. Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan (1892-1972) was a pioneer in the field of Library and Information Science. S.R. Ranganathan’s The Five Laws of Library Science, the main premise of which is "books are for use," is arguably the most influential work in LIS to date.

Use "Author Addenda" to maximize impact of your work

Scholar's Copyright Project | Science Commons
.."Author Addenda" - a suite of short amendments that authors attach to the copyright transfer form agreements from publishing companies. The Addenda ensure, at a minimum, that scholarly authors retain enough rights to archive their work on the public Internet...


Librarians and OA

T. Scott: Funding Open Access
"Many librarians seem happy to get on the OA bandwagon, as long as somebody else is going to pay. Take it from funding agencies, or take it from the research budget, or take it from a society's membership fees -- just don't take it from my budget! OA is a great and wonderful thing -- as long as somebody else is paying for it."

Permanent Change

T. Scott: Permanent Change


Another Photo Hosting Service

I have been using FLICKR for sometime now. Today I came to know about It also provides free photo sharing. In addition, it provides for video sharing -  and in that sense it is better than FLICKR. You can link your images and videos to social networks, auction sites, blogs, and message boards.

Points for Library Service Policy

Blog about Libraries has suggested 20 points on excellent library customer service. I feel Dr . Ranganathan Five Laws should be starting points for any library policy.


How Can Scholars Retain Copyright Rights?

DigitalKoans » Blog Archive » How Can Scholars Retain Copyright Rights?
..Scholars are often exhorted to retain the copyright rights to their journal articles to ensure that they can freely use their own work and to permit others to freely read and use it as well. The question for scholars who are convinced to do so is: "How do I do that?"..