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Why not to kill Libraries yet?

There is a rather long posting with on going discussions - whether browsing the Library stacks should still continue in this web age. ( Can We Please Kill This Meme Now). Here is my opinion.

-- Browsing / Surfing is one way of acquiring knowledge and to satisfy the inner hunger for information. Call it infotainment – entertainment with information. One can get this type of entertainment either visiting a library or sit in front of desktop. Books / other published documents in a library does go a filtering and selection process – first in the publication process then in the selection process of the library. Hence reliability of the contained information is somewhat ensured. The same cannot be said about whatever goes on Internet. Persistency and referencing is more reliable in case of library collection – though referencing by links is much easier on web. However, it is also true that as time passes, Internet is evolving into a library.

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