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Skill Set for Modern Medical Librarian

The traditional concept of a library is being redefined from a place to access paper records or books to one that also houses the most advanced media, including CD-ROM, the Internet, virtual libraries, and remote access to a wide range of resources. Consequently, Librarians or information professionals, increasingly are combining traditional duties with tasks involving quickly changing technology. Soon Librarians' Duties would include BLOGS, WIKIs, WEBCASTS / PODCASTS, IM, RSS and WEB. A master’s degree in library science and information is desireable professional qualification along with masters in biological sciences. In addition awareness of Concepts like Library 2.0, WEB 2.0 and Knowledge Management would also be required.

However the problem with Medical Libraries in India is that their Salary Structure can afford only a clerk not a professional. Even a Degree College offering B.A degrees has a better Pay Structure than a Medical Library, Well almost!!.

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