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Google Notebook Up

Google Notebook is now up. It works similar to what I expected. Does the work like clipmarks but in a much cool manner. Moreover, Google Search Engine has been leveraged in a good fashion.
Installation is very simple - you need a Google Account ( your gmail account will do ). In mine case - as soon as I logged in - it asked for downloading a Firefox extension. This was done in seconds. Next time when Firefox was opened, it had a small Notebook icon towards the right bottom corner.

Working with it is Simple - mark anything in your Firebox / Browser and click -> notebook icon -> Add Note. You are done. While searching with Google, it shows - "Note this" hypertext under each hit.


Anonymous said...

I am an avid user of Google, like millions there are. Where do you get to know about new happenings at/in Google? I am tired (rather envious) of getting to know so many useful things about Google through friends like you! Googd Social work. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving Google Notebook, I got the Firefox extension to use with it and it's great. I can organize all I wanna save on the web easily.