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Folksonomy - < > may not as effective if looked from professional angle. However, its big plus point is that - it works!!!. Take for example of - it allows people to save bookmarks on their server. And to allow organization of these bookmarks people can classify them broadly and loosely by some words. This actually allows ordinary people to build their own personal libraries of Internet Resources. They Select and Classify resources. They can use these whenever they want. Story does not end here – it actually begins. They can also share their libraries with others by just referring a simple URL. The end product is collection of Internet Resources, which the users have themselves selected collectively and classified collectively. Of course the individual items in the collection get ranked automatically based on how many people have book marked (Tagged).

This is a best future strategy for librarianship. Help each individual to build his own personal but shareable library. And such practice should be termed as “Social Librarianship”

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