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Flirting with OPML

Top RSS Feeds in Medicine inspired me to create a OPML File. The idea was to share a single URL instead of list for collection of useful feeds. So I opened my feed aggregator - BlogBridge and created a new "Guide". After this was done I started adding the suggested feeds one by one. It was not simple - and I was struck on the first feed - PubMed itself. It is a huge database - the problem was what to select? I queried for India and set the Limits for "Added in Last 30 Days" and "Links to Free Fulltext". It was now a short list. I was ready to same it as RSS Feel. Next came the Journal Sites. The publishers are offering multiple feeds packaged by Current Issue or Most Read Articles. I picked only a few from them. Once I completed my "Guide" in BlogBride I was ready to export it as OPML file. I exported it to my desktop.

Now question came - How do I share it? I first tried "Share Your OPML". I was little disappointed that I could not find any way to share my OPML as a URL. Then I searched for some other service. Soon found out where I could upload my OPML. Hopefully my OPML should be visible to people from this link.

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