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Library Access to Scholarship - Cites & Insights

I was going through a section of Cites & Insights 6, Number 7: May 2006 entitled Library Access to Scholarship . Apart from other things it highlights:

--OA Librarian, Open Access resources for librarians

--The impact of open access on library and information science (a research project). It’s a project proposal from Cheryl Knott Malone and Anita Coleman (both at the University of Arizona’s School of Information Resources and Library Science).

--College & Research Libraries will be freely available after a six-month embargo

--A group of librarians, college administrators, and scholars issued a call to action to preserve online scholarly journals, noting that such journals “could vanish into oblivion should publishers go out of business or face other calamities.”

--On April 10, the Public Access Working Group (an advisory panel to NIH) reaffirmed its support for strengthening of the NIH public access policy, calling for the policy to be mandatory and for the maximum embargo to be six months.

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