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Revisit to 2020 - Shape of Academic and Research Libraries

About two months back, I had posted the following email to various egroups of librarians here in India:

Subject: [medlib] 2020 - Shape of Academic and Research Libraries

Year 2020 - Online is In and Paper is Out:

Let us assume by the year 2020:
-- All content required for teaching, learning and research is available
-- 24/7 Access is available for free or fee.
-- Online content is well indexed and rated.
-- Vendors provide single point access to premium content and
organized free content.
-- Access is available at a cost, which is less then 10 % of the total
educational cost of a postgraduate student.

What would be shape [should I call future?] of Academic and Research
Any wild guesses?

Let us dare to imagine.

Comments Please.


Most of the librarians did not agree to my assumptions. I had bloged my response here itself.

Now - Science Library Pad has now asked similar question - is the research library obsolete? by making following assumptions:

-scientific communication takes place through articles, whether pre-prints or post-prints, journal published or conference presented

-most articles of scientific value will be subjected to peer review of some form

-publisher websites provide acceptable access to articles, linked together online

-articles are also brief enough to be conveniently downloaded (and then typically printed)

Does not these assumptions sound valid? Or will not these be true in India by the year 2020?.

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