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Flex beta program

"That's Web 2.0!": Flex 2.0 + Flash Player 8.5 = RIA @ Web 2.0 Journal
The following components are part of the Flex beta program:

* Flash Player 8.5 -- the latest high-performance client runtime for engaging Web experiences

* Flex Framework 2.0 -- the core programming model and component library for Flex

* Flex Builder 2.0 -- an Eclipse-based IDE for developing rich Internet applications with the Flex Framework

* Flex Enterprise Services 2.0 -- essential data services and an open adapter architecture for delivering data-intensive rich Internet applications and deeply integrating with enterprise service-oriented infrastructure

* Flex Charting Components 2.0 -- extensible components for advanced data visualization

Beta versions of the full Adobe Flex 2.0 product line and Adobe Flash Player 8.5 are available now from Adobe Labs. Readers can visit

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