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How do we motivate our researchers?

"Publishing a research report is an integral part of the research
process itself. Therefore, if electronic publication were to be seen by
scientists as a token of relevant modernity, in contrast to the methodologically
outmoded publication in print, that perception would probably constitute
a strong motive force in favour of e-journals and self-archiving...
..Therefore, a general answer to the question raised could
be as follows: ‘To motivate researchers to publish in open access journals
or archives, one should demonstrate to them that such a mode of publication
affords a higher quality to the report than traditional publication, or
at least signifies that the report is of unusually high quality.’..
...The system of peer review is so well established
that many scientists regard it a criterion of scientific quality and tend
to publish in peer-reviewed journals only. However, the system has dual
effects. It both weeds out low quality manuscripts and makes it difficult
for highly original papers to get published. Peer review stimulates the
production of main-stream, medium quality work...

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