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Year 2020 Library or Library 2.0

In continuation of my earlier reply [3] and in context of emails by Dr Sathya and Dr. Rajesh - let us carry on the discussion further.

If the assumptions made in my original email comes out be true, then question is "should be wait and watch" things happening? Or should be get prepared for it. People have already modeled future libraries based on the WEB 2.0 [4][5]. They refer it with a term "Library 2.0" [1][2] and have given following principles for it:

The Principles of Library 2.0

1. The library is everywhere.
Outreach via technology, beyond the bricks of the libraries’ walls—to users at home or students in the commons area—should be the goal of every organization. I kid you not, we cannot hide behind a reference desk or within a fortress-like building anymore.

2. The Library has no barriers.

If there are No IM on public PCs. No talking. No working together on the workstations people might say "NO THANK YOU" Librarians.

3. The library invites participation.

Your users won’t bite.

4. The library uses flexible, best-of-breed systems.

5. The library encourages the heart.
Library 2.0 will be a meeting place, online or in the physical world, where my emotional needs will be fulfilled through entertainment, information, and the ability to create my own stuff to contribute to the ocean of content out there—the Long Tail if you will.

6. The library is human.

Users will see the face of the library no matter how they access its services. Librarians will guide them via electronic methods as well as in person, and they will no longer be anywhere near the stereotype we still see in movies or on television. Versed in the social tools, able to roll with each wave of change, this librarian will encourage and educate future users. Isn’t that the kind of librarian you’d like to be?

7. The library recognizes that its users are human too.

Libraries must now begin to use Web 2.0 applications if they are to prove themselves to be just as relevant as other information providers, and start to deliver experiences that meet the modern user’s expectations.

Now, should we plan some action for the year 2020 or keep on sleeping with "DILLI ABHI DUR HEY" attitude?



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