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OPAC as a tool for user tagging?

Can library OPAC be used to gather information about useful library collection?

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Librarians and users need information systems that facilitate input from users, such as a note in an OPAC record written by a user who makes an interesting connection between two books in the collection, or a user-supplied book review, or a typographical error spotted by a user, or—gasp!—tapping into the collective knowledge of the community of users of a library to help answer reference questions.

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M Taher said...
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M Taher said...

Hi Sukhdev:
Thanks for this lead on OPAC. I have quoted you in my Webliography

Thank you also for other useful references. I have used your links, viz., a) BRICKS, b) Come Xplore and c) Indo-German eGurukul on Digital Libraries. All these are cited at: Knowledge Management Applications in Multifaith & / or Multicultural Transactions

By the way, did you know about -- Mukundan Krishnaswamy's Indibloggers, i.e., Indic and NRI bloggers. Me and you are not listed, and may be there are thousands that are not. Have you come across any such indexing?
Best, Mohamed Taher

Sukhdev Singh said...

I have not came accross any such tool that gives comprehensive list of Indian Bloggers. However there is a FLICKR group called:

Bloggers from india.

There is also a FRAPPR Group called "Blogging librarians" which may be useful.

Anonymous said...

Pharmacist Pharmacits website is also useful