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OCLC Report on Perceptions of Libraries

OCLC has come up with a 290 pages report on findings and responses from an online survey.

"Perceptions of Libraries and Information Resources (2005)"

Contents of the Report are:

* Introduction
* Part 1: Libraries and Information Sources--Use, Familiarity and Favorability
* Part 2: Using the Library--In Person and Online

* Part 3: The Library Brand

* Part 4: Respondents' Advice to Libraries
* Part 5: Libraries--A "Universal" Brand?

* Conclusion    

* Appendix A: Supporting Data Tables
* Appendix B: Sample Verbatim Comments
* About OCLC

The findings indicate that information consumers view libraries as places to borrow print books, but they are unaware of the rich electronic content they can access through libraries. Even though information consumers make limited use of these resources, they continue to trust libraries as reliable sources of information.

I hope, this report would be useful for librarians in better planning their services and activities.

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